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One of the most critical parts of any home or office is also often overlooked – the floor. A solid, quality floor that will hold up through years of wear and tear is critical from a functional standpoint as well as concerning preserving resale value. There is a multitude of different options for flooring in today’s market, including wood, tile, and laminate, but the choice that has become most popular of late is concrete flooring, typically installed by concrete flooring contractors or concrete flooring installation services.


When many of us think of concrete flooring, no doubt we think of bland, grey slab cement floors. While that indeed is one type, especially in office environments, today’s concrete flooring contractors can provide options for color and style choices to suit any design criteria. The experts from a reputable concrete flooring installation service are skilled in techniques like acid-staining, painting, overlays, textures, and patterns that will take the traditional idea of a concrete floor from drab to fab!


Concrete flooring has many benefits and advantages compared to other flooring options. These include:


  • Affordability – Expert concrete flooring contractors generally can install a decorative concrete floor for a price that is comparable to carpet, tile, or linoleum.  And, because there is far less upkeep involved, the lifetime cost of owning concrete flooring is equal to or less than most other options.
  • Ease of Maintenance – As concrete flooring installation services often out to potential customers, in almost all cases the only maintenance that a concrete floor need is an occasional quick pass with a dust mop, and periodic cleaning with mild soapy water.  No expensive rental cleaning machines or services are needed.  There are even additional coatings available from quality concrete flooring contractors that are ideal for business and high-traffic environments.
  • Cleanliness and Allergies – Concrete floors are great for environments where a lot of material is tracked inside, such as sandy or snowy climates.  Additionally, unlike carpet, a properly sealed, professionally-installed concrete floor from a reliable concrete flooring contractor is non-allergenic and doesn’t trap pet dander, dust, or pollen.
  • Colour Options – Nearly any color imaginable is possible with stained concrete. Concrete flooring installation services generally have a showroom or palette of common stains to choose from.
  • Design Options – In addition to colors, concrete flooring contractors can seamlessly blend a custom concrete floor with the existing décor or design plan for a building. Concrete flooring installation services typically have many techniques that can be used to ensure project design goals are met, including the application of textures, “micro toppings,” different edges/saw cuts and more.


Unlike some projects that fall into the category of “do it yourself,” installing a concrete floor requires knowledge, skill, and equipment that is out of reach of the average handyman. Masons with experience in concrete flooring installation, such as those found at concrete flooring installation services or concrete flooring contractors, are best suited to walk customers through their options, explain the process and timeline, and supervise the concrete flooring installation itself.


One cannot get the decorative concrete floor installed in a few hours like carpet or linoleum, but the trade-off in long-term durability, cost, and overall look more than makeup for the extra up-front time investment. It is yet another reason to use concrete flooring contractors or a concrete flooring installation service with considerable expertise – taking some extra time and care up-front to choose the best concrete flooring contractor can make or break a project. 



With so many design options available, as well as the semi-permanent nature of concrete flooring, it is crucial to understand what a concrete flooring contractor or concrete flooring installation service does and to research the expertise and offerings of a given concrete flooring contractor.


  • Typically, a concrete flooring contractor or concrete flooring installation service will have a showroom featuring different examples of their work, and the techniques and designs that are available at that firm. 
  • Many of the better concrete flooring installation services will also do on-site design consultations, take measurements, and develop renderings of the space. 
  • Additionally, quality concrete flooring contractors and installation services will walk customers through the specific process and timeline for their installation, so they know what to expect and can factor the overall timetable into their project plans.
  • Then the installation itself can take place, overseen and executed by a well-trained and highly skilled concrete flooring contractor. 
  • Lastly, many concrete flooring installation services offer warranties on the materials and labor for the project, which ensures the result is consistent with a customer’s desires and withstands the test of time.


Selecting the professional concrete flooring installation service company is essential. Most experts agree that consumers should focus on six key considerations to help them choose the best concrete flooring contractor for their project.


  • Experience – An indicator of quality is often experience.  An experienced concrete flooring installation service company will have performed dozens or much more of builds. Typically, a reliable concrete flooring contractor will have been in concrete flooring installation business for at least five years and have the training and numerous past installations in the concrete flooring.
  • Professionalism – As with any company hired to do a professional job, a quality concrete flooring installation service will act like professionals – being polite, answering questions, returning calls quickly and accurately, explaining the process, using care during the actual installation, etc. Often, in different locales, some agencies certify or credential concrete flooring contractors, further attesting to their professionalism.
  • Equipment – Concrete flooring installation services and concrete flooring contractors generally have expensive machines that aren’t available to the public or easily rented from a hardware store. Equally important, good concrete flooring contractors will have the knowledge and skills to expertly and adequately use that equipment to complete the project. 
  • Ratings/Reviews – Before choosing a concrete flooring installation service, it is worthwhile to check online review sites, photos, as well as business verification/bonding services (which vary by locale). These generally will give consumers an idea of the quality of services provided by concrete flooring contractors and can also help validate the quantity and quality of similar concrete flooring installation jobs that a concrete flooring contractor has completed.
  • Safety – With any construction job, safety is paramount.  No one benefits from injuries on a customer’s build site, so a quality concrete flooring contractor should have a record of safety and take apparent steps on-site to ensure the safe operation of equipment and safe work areas during the concrete flooring installation process.
  • Time and Money – As with most business transactions, time and money are an essential consideration. A concrete flooring contractor who seems to have a much lower price or faster timetable than others should get a red flag – they likely are going to take shortcuts or cut corners. On the other hand, if a concrete flooring installation service quote seems extremely expensive or to take a long time compared to others, it’s okay to ask why – they should be able to justify it, or that, too, should be a red flag.


The actual concrete flooring installation process that a concrete flooring contractor will follow can vary significantly from job to job-based on the factors specific to that individual build.  Key considerations and estimates are must that one should discuss with the concrete flooring installation service for clarity of expectations.  The primary drivers of the timetable include:


  • The need for a concrete flooring contractor to protect surrounding areas/workspace.
  • The amount of time the concrete flooring installation service will need at each step to allow the concrete flooring to set and dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • The availability of the chosen materials and necessary equipment.
  • The accessibility of the worksite, including the condition of any existing flooring that needs repair or upgrades from the concrete flooring contractor before installation of new flooring.


Concrete flooring is a cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing option for both home and office. From design to installation, it’s a job best left to a well-trained concrete flooring contractor or concrete flooring installation service to obtain the best results. A thorough understanding of what a concrete flooring installation service does, and what factors a customer should consider when choosing a concrete flooring contractor, will help smooth the process of installing a new concrete floor that can be enjoyed for decades to come.